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Monday, May 08, 2006

China's Finest

Yahoo reported last week on China's 'golden week' - a week-long holiday in which such festivities as squirting milk out of your eye is performed.

The next time we have exchange students, I am going to insist that they be Chinese. Hopefully they will know this trick and can teach us. Since our children seem to squirt from every other opening, why not this?


Ian said...

If that is not photoshopped, it is totally sick.

Uncle Chrissy said...

Yeah, I seriously almost threw up a little bit in my mouth. Thanks for that.

Kelly said...

This is more of a candidate for uglyoverload, not raging wombat. I want more pictures of my nieces and not ugly chinese men. I'm more horrified then ever by the ancient Chinese society.

Chelsa said...

the worst part is how the eye juice separates out like a fountain at the end of its watery arc. Bleh I say.

Anonymous said...

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