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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sumo Wrestlers & Crying Babies

I wish we still had our Japanese students still living with us. Evidently, there is an annual event at the Sensoji temple in Tokyo - it is a baby-crying contest. It is part of a larger event in which the health of the babies are prayed for.

I guess the sumo wrestlers are on hand to help keep the babies crying? Wait, if you are praying for their health, why make them cry? This baby doesn't seem to appreciate the prayers.

If they really wanted a run for their money, they should have come to our house last night (this morning). Julia would have taken the prize - and that was without a sumo wrestler!


Ian said...

That picture is really disturbing for some reason.

The reason is the giant, egg shaped sumo waving a baby at people.

Raging Wombat said...

Also, don't forget the traditional wrestling garb he is wearing.

Kelly said...

The baby is crying so hard because that's actually her twin brother who had just gotten enlarged by the machine in "Honey I Blew Up the Baby". Now not only is her brother freakishly big, but so are his diapers and what fills them up, and to make it worse now he's strong enough to pick her up, and you'd be scared to if a nine month old baby were holding you five feet off the ground.

Raging Wombat said...

It is amazing how similar they are. So cute.