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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Will Kill You

Yesterday Annie, the girls, and I were all outside enjoying the warm afternoon weather. I was holding Julia while Annie fed her crackers. In the midst of this wholesome family scene, Kate climbed to the top of the slide and said, "I will kill you guys." - looking at Annie and I.

Annie and I looked at each other in shock, suppressing a laugh. "What did you say, Kate?" Annie asked, assuming she had misheard her.
"I'm going to kill you," Kate said, with a slight smile.
What?" I asked. Annie and I no longer thought it was very funny.
"I'm going to kill you." At this point it was getting creepy and eerie.
"Kate, that's not nice to say," Annie said.
"I'm going to kill you." At this point I looked Kate over to make sure she hadn't sprouted horns or hooves. Nope, still the same cute Kate. Just evil.
"Kate," I said, "honey, that isn't nice to say. Don't say that."
Now smiling big, Kate says, "I'm going to kill you."
"Kate, who says that?" Annie asks, switching up her tactics.
"Gaston," Kate said. Oooooh. It all made sense. Gaston is the villain from Beauty and the Beast - he says that he is going to kill the beast. In fact, it is part of the song they sing as the torch-wielding mob heads to the beast's castle.
She finally stopped threatening us with death, but boy was it creepy.


Chelsa said...

this is what happens when you start inviting sinister, vaguely demonic carebears and elmos into your lives. everyone and everything develops an evil aftertaste.

Raging Wombat said...

How right you are. Let this be a cautionary tale to all!

Ian said...

Wow...this is a sign. Disney's "G" movies are clearly to dark and sinister for family viewing. I think you should only watch "Sub G" programing (like telly-tubbies).

Kelly Lindsay said...

You might need to worry about Kate when she starts calling you and Annie. "You poor unforturnate Souls" and when she starts threatening to cut off your hands. You'll know that things have gone wrong.

Raging Wombat said...

Ian - actually, we have gone through all of Disney's movies and edited them down to a 5 minute montage of completely harmless and benign frames.

Kelly - Kate hasn't begun singing that yet, but she has started a garden under her crib of these creepy looking shriveled people. We aren't sure where she is getting them.

Jabbertrack said...

Remember, if she ever commits a violent act now it's because of Disney.