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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yang it!

My second round of acupuncture went very well. This time I decided to try to relax - and it helped that I knew what to expect.

I sat down as the woman who was about to jam needles into my back went over her notes. I remembered that last time she had asked me to stick out my tongue about five different times. Each time she would scrutinize my tongue and then make notes in Chinese on a piece of paper. I decided to ask her what was so interesting about my tongue.

Her answer: it has nothing to do with Western medicine - it is Chinese traditional medicine. She was looking at my tongue to determine my overall health (I let her know that I had just eaten some chocolate, so my tongue color might be tainted). I asked her what my results were. According to her (and my tongue), I have a yang imbalance - an excess of yang (I guess my yin is just fine). This means that something is out of sorts with my bones, muscle, heart, or liver, and that I have anxiety and stress from it. She said that this was most likely caused by herniated disc.

I asked her what I should do to correct this imbalance. Yes, I knew I was opening myself up to a sales pitch. To her credit, though, she said that if I wanted, down the road she could do a whole work up and perscribe me some herbs. However, she didn't want to do that until she was done fixing my neck.

I've got to find out more about the whole yin/yang thing. Any tips on where I should look?


Jabbertrack said...

For 5 easy payments of $24.95 I can help you understand what Yin and Yang are.

Most of ancient Chinese mythology and philosophy centers around the fact that you will never understand something to it's fullest but once you meditate on that for one thousand years and come to an understanding that yes... you will never understand... that is when you understand.

Balance my friend, no good without evil, no light without dark (as the symbol reads), no stress without calm. Currently you have excess stress (duh), and it needs to come down to balance your calm.

Yang, specifically is the white portion... it goes up, and symbolizes active things like light, fire, sun... stress from activity.

In the end she's trying to help you I'm sure, even if by trying to sell you product eventually. All in all I'm glad it's working for you!

☯ my friend... ☯

Raging Wombat said...

Thanks for the info, Mike. I wouldn't have pegged you as a yin-yang expert.

That's what happens when you assume. Silly wombat. Naughty wombat.

Anonymous said...

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