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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Julia the Destroyer

Yesterday afternoon Annie and I were so busy that we lost track of the now highly mobile Julia. "It's too quiet," Annie said. We both knew that she must be in the bathroom. She always seems to make a bee-line there whenever she realizes she isn't being properly monitored. Here was the scene I came across when I found the little escape artist:

She found our stash of Kirkland brand toilet paper! Using her teeth, she had already unwrapped one, done damage to a second, and was working on a third. See that smug look on her face? She knows she's bad, and she's proud of it! Her cousin, Carter, is behind her, looking on in horror at the wanton waste of precious paper products (say that 10 times fast!).

From now on, we are keeping all of the doors in the hallway closed. Hopefully Genna won't teach her the whole door-knob trick too soon.


Chelsa said...

Goblin does the same thing with toilet paper.

Raging Wombat said...

I always knew that Julia had feline tendencies.

Ian said...

Thats good toilet paper too...I use mine all the time!

Kelly Lindsay said...

Seeing as how Genna enjoys her ability to trap her sisters in dark closets and bedrooms I don't think that you have anything to fear as far as her teaching Julia about knobs goes, now what you might need to worry about is her ability to fall in swimming pools.