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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kate, On Religion ...

During church on Sunday, Kate actually listened attentively to the speaker for the first several minutes. I don't know why she was, but it was a first. As she listened to the speaker, she would repeat to me the last few words of each of his sentences. It was so cute that I began watching and listening to her instead. Here's how it went:

(Speaker talking about Abraham, Lot, Lehi, and Nephi and how each of them were led by God out of their respective cities, and why ...)
Kate: " ... individuals ..."
(Speaker talking ...)
Kate: " ... sensuous ..."
Me: (huh?)
(Speaker talking ...)
Kate: "... lusts of the flesh ..."

Yikes! I thought. I turned my attention back to the speaker. What in the world was he talking about to have my little almost-three-year-old say those words? I realized that he was describing the state of Sodom and Gomorrah during the days of Lot.

Sheesh. Kate's version made the topic sound very non-family-friendly. Maybe they should come with a rating?

Then last night, during Family Home Evening, Kate demonstrated her deep religious understanding. Annie was giving a lesson on family prayer and how we need to be nice to each other. Then Kate spoke up and offered her thoughts, in the form of a classic Socrates dialogue:

Kate: "Is it nice to push?"
Annie: "No, it isn't."
Kate: "Is it nice to hug?"
Annie: "Yes."
Kate: "And to kiss?"
Annie: "Yes."
Kate: "Is it nice to share your Cheerios with Heavenly Father?"
Annie: (suppressing a laugh) "Yes, Kate, it is very nice to share your Cheerios with Heavenly Father."

I'm glad that Kate's religious education is going so well.


Jabbertrack said...

Religion - teaching kids to be nice and avoid wrath since 0 of whatever calendar you use

Ian said...

That post was way funny.

Raging Wombat said...

Yes, we've been teaching our girls that to avoid God's wrath, one must make a Cheerios offering.

Thanks, Ian.

Chelsa said...

does she plan to include milk?

Raging Wombat said...

No milk. Kate wouldn't want to run the risk of sharing soggy cereal.

Jabbertrack said...

as an official Mormon Fire God I would agree... soggy cereal would incur my wrath

you wouldn't like me when I'm wrath... um... wrathy

Raging Wombat said...

Wait, you are the Mormon Fire God? I had no idea? And after all this time ... well, how are you doing?

Kelly said...

Maybe she saw that commercial telling that cheerios are good for your heart.

Raging Wombat said...

Hmm. Good for your heart. Hadn't considered that ...

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