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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Eating Inedibles

We spent this past weekend in Dillon Beach and San Francisco. Naturally, such family outings provide plenty of photo ops and blogging material. What better place to start than with Julia's eating habits?

Our first day at the beach was beautiful. The wind was down, the sun was up, the water was ... still freezing. Nothing could stop our girls from exploring the sandy environs. Julia found particular joy in partaking of the sea weed that was strewn across the beach. The tactic we have had to take with her is, if it isn't harmful or disruptive, just let her do it, because she will anyway. So, munch away she did (you can see the strand of it in her hands).

After her first several mouthfuls of sand, though, we had to put a stop to her eating of inedibles. We knew she would taste it (heck, her older sisters still can't fight the temptation), but we didn't expect her to make a meal of it. There were thankfully enough distractions nearby that she didn't cry as we brushed the sand from her palm. I have a feeling that she was still able to sneak some, though ...


stina said...

Why do they proceed after that first taste? It is incomprehensible. Sand?

Raging Wombat said...

I wish I knew. What compels them to eat sand by the fistful, but then resist apple sauce? Something isn't right.