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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Vocational Explorations

Annie and I are very attentive parents, and seek to provide our children with every available opportunity. Their future is very important to us.

It was with that mindset that we took them to Funderland this past weekend. We didn't go there to enjoy the rides so much as to explore what vocations our daughters would most likely excel at.

First we tried them on the Buggy Ride. They seemed quite adept at driving the automobile. They stayed on the track and maintained a constant speed the entire time. Very impressive. But, as you can see in this photograph, they were being a bit silly. We just didn't feel that they were taking their future occupation seriously. Being a professional driver is no laughing matter. After a stern talking to, we took them to the next ride. The airplanes.

They finally got it into their heads that they had to be sober-minded about this. They were still enjoying themselves, but now they understood the profundity of the moment.

They tried their hand at the airplane and, like in the Buggy, did very well. Kate had masterful control of her aircraft. As a team, they were able to make multiple passes overhead, changing their elevation but always keeping their speed and horizon even.
Here they are at the end of their airborne explorations. We may have the next set of crop dusters, fighter pilots, or airline captains on our hands. We'll see. They still have at least five years to make up their minds.

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