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Monday, September 04, 2006

Fairie Princesses & Parenting

With our students gone, we have been able to reclaim the play room for playing. Cute girls playing leads to photographs, which then leads to blog content. So here you go.

First we have Kate decked out in a tutu and fairie wings. She is also wearing her now famous 'princess face.' She even has her feet planted saucily. She loves posing for the camera.

Genna took a bit more convincing, though she finally did come into the room for the not-so-spontaneous photo shoot. She opted for the fairie version of 'sagging': her wing straps are hooked around her elbows, not her shoulders. Kids and fashon these days ...

Fairie-time continued for a while, though they refused to look the camera in the lens. I didn't know fairie princesses could be so ill-behaved. The only way to discipline them is to take away their wings, but then that is the makings of a fairie quest (to reclaim her wings) and we can't have that. It is a qanundrum. Parenting has never been so difficult.

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