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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Put Julia On That

Babies and toddlers have to put up with a lot. One of Julia's trials, like so many her age, involves having to endure her parents placing her on things for their own amusement.

Annie and I thought it would be adorable to put Julia on this child-sized tractor. I expressed my doubts as to whether it was a functioning tractor, since it doesn't seem to be large enough to pull a combine, but we did it anyway. Annie also made sure that I got the sheep in the background, to lend a sense of authenticity to the photo. Julia was dubious the entire time and was relieved to get off. She would have relished climbing it herself, but did not appreciate being forced onto it by mommy and daddy.

The whole 'put Julia on that' fun came to a screeching hault when we placed her on this mocked-up horse and saddle. We were shocked, because she normally likes climbing on fake animals (see the tortoise post below). Maybe it was the headlessness of this equine. Whatever the reason, she burst out in tears - which made for a great photograph. That only adds to my cruelty as a parent. Our kids have so much to endure. I fear I will make their teenage years a living nightmare (though they will be required to sit atop less fake animals by that time).


Chelsa said...

I am going to make my mom look at this picture, so she will see that I am not the only cruel parent in the blogosphere. I really think we should form a club.

Raging Wombat said...

Oooh. I like it. Something like a My Kid On Stuff fan club. That could be a great website ...