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Friday, September 08, 2006

Treacherous Pit

I hesitated in posting this photo because my lawn looks so bad. Just trust me - this is the one patch of yard that my sprinklers can't reach. Everything else is a verdant paradise. We don't call it Eden for nothing. But I digress - back to my girls.

The north-most portion of my yard consists of a wooden ledge and a three-foot drop off, which all of my girls have been fascinated by, as shown here. The fact that each of them has fallen into this treacherous pit has done nothing to lessen their curiosity. If anything, it has increased its allure.

Annie captured this particular sequence on film (or in 1s and 0s). Kate, as always, has kicked off her shoes and has donned her princess crown. Genna, as always, is furthest into the pit. Not even the presence of an over-grown fig tree will keep her away. And last but not least, we have Julia stuffing her face with some left-over pizza and looking surprised that mommy caught her about to launch herself over the side.


Uncle Chrissy said...

Such cute pics! If you live there long enough, that will be one of the memories they'll love having. It'll end up being their fort and hideout in just a few short years. How cute!

Raging Wombat said...

Yes, but a rat and spider infested hideout. I may end up waging war on its denizens in an effort to make it more child-friendly.