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Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Have the Coolest Wife Ever

I thought that my birthday night was going to be a low-key, stay at home event. How wrong I was. Allow me to outline how cool my wife is.

First, let me say that she is very accommodating. She has agreed to let me NOT get her flowers on Valentine's Day. I do this because I buy her flowers the day after. Yesterday, on my way home from work, I stopped by Bel Air and picked up a huge bouquet of red roses. These flowers were going for $58 yesterday - a price I could not afford. Today, they were on sale for $20. Hello! She loves them, and she allows me to be a bit of a cheapskate. Nice, eh?

Next, I showed up at home with the flowers in hand only to find my mom and sister there. Annie had arranged to have babysitters so that she could take me out on a surprise birthday date! How cool is she? Very. We headed out and caught the matinee of Firewall, and then had a delicious dinner at Outback Steakhouse.

The ribeye was awesome and the Aussie Cheese Fries were unbelievable. We had a fun time just talking - almost entirely about our kids. Funny how even when you aren't around the little monsters that you can't stop thinking and talking about them. I imagine that once they are teenagers, we may have to ban any such conversation - the talk will no longer be pleasant.

You must all forgive me for my boasting, but I do have the best wife ever. Hopefully she will read this post so I can score some points with her. Maybe she'll let me skip mowing the lawns this weekend.

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