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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Where's Yuki?

In the spirit of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego and Where's Waldo, we are continuing our investigation into where our student, Yuki, spends all of his 'library' time. Here are a couple of updates:

1) On Saturday, he came home earlier than normal, and sat down to dinner. Annie asked him where he was, and, of course, he said he was at the library. I then asked him what he was doing at the library. It took a lot of patience and questioning, but he finally let it out that he is spending all his time there working on his hobby: hiking. Evidently, he took a lot of pictures of his hikes in Colorado, and now spends his free time at the library labeling and cataloging all of them. This may account for 25% of his time there, but it was nevertheless interesting.

2) On Monday we all headed to the Downtown Plaza mall to buy me some shoes. We were pushing the girls in their strollers, and just turning a corner, when we literally almost ran over Yuki! There he was, a shocked expression on his face, ubiquitous backpack and all, staring at us and backpedaling. It took all of 30 seconds of awkward hellos and goodbyes until he bolted. He was clearly out of sorts. His behavior, and presence at the mall, only heightens my curiosity.

It would seem that the Yuki puzzle is slowly unraveling, but the deeper we dig, the more questions we have. Annie won't let me root through his belongings and garbage, so we're stuck with having to question him to get answers.

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