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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

There Will Be No Sleeping Here!

On Monday Yuki called Annie from a payphone to tell her that he had a very busy week, and that he would be home late every night - again. She asked if he would be at the library (yes, she is a brat), and he confirmed that he would be.

Last night Annie and I put the girls to bed (a blessed relief, as you will come to see in a few moments) just as Ryo came home. The three of us sat down to a nice tasty bowl of one-point chili and some small talk. Finally the pressure got to me. I turned to Ryo and said, "I want to know what Yuki is doing at the library." I know it's not fair - Ryo isn't Yuki's keeper. But I had to know.

Ryo's only response was to laugh! It turns out that Ryo doesn't have a clue what Yuki is up to, but he thinks it is very funny that Yuki is always at 'the library.' We all ended up laughing because of the absurdity of it. Why is our curiosity so piqued? I am almost obsessed about it. Annie is concerned that maybe the guy doesn't like us, or something worse. All three of us agree that Yuki isn't being forthright about his evening activities, though.

Yuki finally showed up at around 10:30 last night, which is the earliest he has come home in almost two weeks (last Friday he and Ryo didn't come home until 5 in the morning). We asked him how his day was - it was fine. We asked him how the library was - it was fine. The guy is so secretive! He then disappeared into this room.

Annie and I tried to get some decent sleep last night, but our house has never been so sick. Annie and I are sick, and all three girls are completely miserable. Kate and Genna are both running fevers, and Julia is oozing and leaking constantly from every conceivable opening. Since I began teaching Seminary this week (I will be doing that for the rest of the school year, 6 am Monday through Friday), Annie has taken it upon herself to be the main person to get up with the girls - bless her. This has made for a very tired and immune-system-suppressed Annie. On Sunday night she got up 8 times with the girls. Last night, she was up from 12:30 to 3:30 with a crying Julia. Things got so rough that she finally had to tag me in to the ring.

There I was, at 2 am last night, dog-tired and stumbling around the house trying to find a pacifier for the baby when I hear a noise in Yuki's room as I pass by the door. The guy is snoring! He is actually able to sleep through the racket Julia and Genna are making. Oh, how I wanted to burst into his room and shout, "There will be no sleeping here, young man! That kind of activity is reserved for the library!"

It was so aggravating that the same guy who is being so sneaky (he is still very pleasant, and we don't mind him not being home - we just wonder why he isn't being honest) wasn't sharing our misery. I just take comfort in the fact that at the beginning of each month we get a nice fat check paying for his homestay. The money can make me overlook the deceit. My morals can be bought. Yes, that is very comforting.

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Ian said...

The saga continues. BTW tell Yuki I have his "shipment" for him.