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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Woe Is Julia

Julia's road to eating solid food has been a rough one. Last night's trip turned out to be quite bumpy. We (mainly Annie) have learned through trial and error that Julia has no interest in mushy oatmeal or rice cereal. She wants the real stuff. So, she snacks on crackers, pretzels, fruit, and bread. Her favorite is the Gerber fruit-flavored, star-shaped snacks.

Annie was using these Gerber snacks last night as a decoy to make Julia open her mouth. Once Julia would open her mouth, Annie would sneak a bite of mashed green peas instead. This tactic had two results. 1) Julia getting over half a jar of peas on her, 2) a very sad Julia.

Just look at that face! Oh the misery. Has anyone ever looked at peas with such dismay? She has learned that if she starts waving her hands in front of her face that she can hinder our attempts at cramming food into her mouth.

What she has failed to remember, though, is that mommy is the mother of twins. She has well-honed reflexes and knows all the tricks to get the food in, regardless of the fits thrown and the food thrown back up.

Such sadness! She can't believe that her mother would be so cruel. She also can't believe that her mother tricked her so many times, and managed to get such a large quantity of gross veggies down her throat. Luckily, daddy, displaying tender sensitivity to his daugher's suffering, was on hand to document the entire event, including photographs and a blog post.

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