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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Stuffing Faces

Our girls received their last doses of antibiotics on Friday to combat their ear infections. We were confident that everything was cleared up, but Genna began to look pale, and over the weekend ran a low-grade fever. Annie decided to take her in to the doctor's office yesterday to get her and the other girls checked to make sure the infection hadn't returned.

To cajole the twins into behaving, we promised them that we would go feed the ducks, but only after we went to see the doctor. Genna was not keen on the idea of being checked out, but the impending duck feeding kept her in decent spirits. Thankfully, the girls were all ear infection free, though Genna is fighting a mild virus.

We then headed to the arboretum at UC Davis. Here is a picture of the girls feeding themselves some Wendy's chicken nuggets, while Annie broke up some old hamburger buns for the girls to throw.

Kate loved it, even when the ducks flew on to the grass and surrounded her. Genna, however, much preferred them at a distance. We had a really fun time, with our duck-feeding stint ending with the girls seeing Belle and the Beast in the forest, and us having to go get them. Their imaginations know no bounds.

Later that evening, just after we got the girls to bed, both of our students came home - earlier than expected. They were loud and ate a ton of food for dinner. I realized that I was holding some real resentment towards them. They had eaten the country omelet leftovers that I had made for Annie, and also finished all of the ranch chicken pasta that I spent over an hour cooking. They were eating all of my food!

They are thieves. True, we invited them in, and they pay for the privilege of eating our food, but still, come on. I was so mad. Annie and I ended up having to sneak the rest of my birthday cake to our bedroom so we could have some privacy. I felt much better after that, despite the fact that we were exiles in our own home.

Stuffing ducks' faces to make the girls feel better, then stuffing our own faces to make ourselves feel better. Is that healthy? What kind of message are we sending? It can't be a good one.

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