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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Wonderful Evening

Last night was fantastic. For Valentine Day we stayed home. The whole evening. We didn't leave our house once. You see, our students were gone over night! We could dead bolt the door. There was no stomping around of Japanese feet up and down our wooden stairs. There was no constant racket of the microwave door slamming. There was no stench of 4 packages of ramen being boiled. There were no demands for hotdogs. It was great. We were the king and queen of the castle.

As for the princesses, they were awesome, too. All were healthy, all were in good moods. We even video taped them because they were so cute. And, when we put them to bed, they stayed there. Not a single peep, even through the night! No cries to be covered, no calls for milk, no waking up the baby, no demands for more songs, no claims of spiders in the room. Nothing but sleep.

In fact, we liked it so much that we are going to do it again for my birthday celebration tonight. We are going to stay home and enjoy the Olympics, Lost, peace and quiet, privacy, and our own little family unit, unimpeded by the presence of foreigners. So nice.

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