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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Thought You Had ...

We spent the first part of our President's Day Monday running errands, which got us home a bit late to put the girls down for their naps. They were exhausted, and Annie and I were eager to put the girls to bed. We were quick about it, and by 2:00 pm all three girls were in their rooms.

Annie and I settled in front of the TV to eat a late lunch and watch the Olympics. At around 2:20 we heard the rattle of a door knob. We were sure that both of the students were gone, so we peaked down the hallway and in the garage. There was no one in sight. I even peaked into our bedroom to see if Kate had gotten out of her port-a-crib, but she was in place and sound asleep. The only noise came from Genna, who was singing in her crib. We dismissed the original noise and went back to the ice dancing.

Then at 2:45 we heard the door knob sound again. I looked down the hallway to see that Genna's bedroom door was wide open, with the lights turned on. I called Annie over and we looked into the room to see this ...

Genna had tucked herself under Julia's crib, put on her Tinkerbell skirt, and assembled her collection of stuffed animals! We were shocked (though we had the presence of mind to take a picture). She had climbed out of her crib! Wow, this was going to change things. I put Genna in her crib, and here was the ensuing conversation:

Annie: "OK, Genna, climb out of your crib. Show us how you did it."
Genna: [hooking a leg over the crib railing] "(grunt) I can't."
Annie: "Go ahead, honey. Climb out of the crib." (we had to see how she did it!)
Genna: [again hooking her leg over] "(grunts) I can't. I'm too high."
(Annie and I looked at each other in confusion)
Annie: [now looking at the pile of stuffed animals] "Justin, I usually don't put the girls down with so much stuff."
Me: "Me neither. But I didn't put her down."
Annie: "But I didn't, either. I put Julia down."
Me: "What? I put Kate down, and Genna's door was closed. I thought you had!"
Annie: "No! I put Julia down and assumed that you had taken care of Genna!"

We both started cracking up. Genna had been playing in her own little world, behind closed doors, for the last 45 minutes because mom and dad had a miscommunication! It was hilarious, and we were both relieved that Genna hadn't figured out how to climb out of the crib.

You know what they say when you ass-u-me ...

I'm just grateful that the outcome of our assumption was so benign and funny. Some other more messy assumptions might be, "I thought you had put a diaper on her ..." or "I thought you said it was OK to let them play with my power tools ..."

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