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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Daddy Withdrawals

I am going through some serious daddy withdrawals. The holiday season allowed me to have two 3 1/2 weekends at home, back to back. I got to spend so much time with my girls (that includes my wife!), but now I am back at work, and life is back to being lame - well, less child-filled.

Should I feel bad that my main ambition in life isn't to get some kick-butt career, but rather to set up a financial situation where I can stay at home - or with my family, wherever that may be - as much as possible? I hope not, because that is what I am shooting for. Any ideas on how to make a lot of money without much effort? Legally (that's for you, Ian)?

Here is one: all of you come to my blog more often (and at and visit my advertising as much as possible. That might do the trick! Go ahead ... click away ... it is fun and free ...


christine said...


Anonymous said...


I just read your stuff on ugly overload. Sooo funny!!! I was laughing out loud thru the whole thing!!! Your writing was more funny than even the pictures! I know you can make a great living staying home with your wonderful family as an author! You could even do comedic writing. By the way, it was my anonomous post for today on ugly overload.
love, Mom PS - why did Christine call you a whore?

Raging Wombat said...

Christine always calls me that. I'm not sure why.

christine said...

As if this needed any explanation:

I called Justin a whore because he is selling himself...literally.

Which "mom" needed the explanation? Just curious...the real mom or the in-law mom?

Justin knows i call him this in the most loving way possible...I should've called him my "cute little whore". hehe.