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Friday, January 13, 2006

Won't They Learn?

Our students are turning out to have a smaller impact on our lifestyles than we had feared. They come home around 7:30, and usually disappear to their rooms around 9ish. That has been nice.

Both have decided to purchase bicycles. That is good, but I am afraid it might lead to some problems. One of my sister-in-law's students had his bike stolen the day after he bought it. He didn't know that parking a bike at a mall, and then locking only the front wheel to the bike rack is a bad idea (even after her husband warned him against doing just that). When he came home from school, his ride was missing.

We talked to our students about this, and they laughed, thinking it was hilarious. I appreciated this. But then I asked Ryo where his bike was, and he said it was out front. Sure enough, he had parked it, locked only to itself, in front of the house! Didn't he get it? I told him to bring the bike around to the backyard, because it was guaranteed to get stolen. He jumped right up and did it. Problem solved.

But then last night I took the garbage to the sidewalk and looked to see that his bike was parked out front again! He had already gone to bed, so I moved the bike myself. I was tempted to hide it from him to teach him a lesson, but then I remembered that he isn't my child. I envy these guys for living in a country where theft is so rare. But man, you've got to understand, anything that isn't bolted to the concrete here is fair game for thieves. Don't they believe us when we warn them, or do they think we are only joking?


Woodland Bike Thief said...

Just so you know, It would be nice if you let them leave their bikes outside at least once or twice a year. Support your local Bike thief! I have a family too!

Raging Wombat said...

I apologize. However, I can't have you stealing my students' bikes. How about this - since you are so desperate to support your family, feel free to come over for dinner. Yuki & Ryo will make you their lovely ramen/egg/hotdog concoction they love so much.