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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Revealing Quality of Character

This is another installment of the Yuki and the Library Saga.

Yesterday Annie had two very telling conversations with our Japanese students. Yuki got home around 7:30. After he was done with dinner (a delicious tortilla pie made by Annie), he walked over to Annie:
Yuki: "Uh, I will be late all week."
Annie: "Every night? What about the weekends? Will you need dinner?"
Yuki: "Yes, every night. And Saturday and Sunday. No dinner."
Annie: [glances at me to make sure I am listening] "Where are you going to be?"
Yuki: "Uh, I will be at the library."
Annie: "Every night?"
Yuki: "Yes. I have a lot of homework"
Annie: "Do you need help?"
Yuki: "No. Thank you." (He then heads to his bedroom.)

I'll tell you what he needs! He needs to be taken over my knee for a spanking! Liar!

Then around 9:30 Ryo came walking in the door as Annie and I were watching some TV. His face was red and he looked bedraggled.
Ryo: "Sorry I am late."
Annie: "No problem. Are you cold?"
Ryo: "Yes, it is very cold."
Annie: "Your face is red."

Ryo: [touching his face and smiling sheepishly] "Yes, I was drinking with Tommi." (one of his fellow Japanese friends).
Annie: "OK. Where?"
Ryo: "At a bar in Davis."
Annie: "OK. Good night." (Ryo waves good night and disappears upstairs)

Which student is better? Both dialogues reveal quality of character, I believe. I can tell you that regardless of Ryo's drinking, I much prefer his conduct over the apparent deceit of Yuki - unless Yuki is trying to conceal some incredible humanitarian or charity work he is doing, which I find to be unlikely. Anyone volunteer to trail him?

Alas, such are the trials of a host parent. Luckily, Yuki is very friendly and always helps out around the house. I tell myself this as I worry myself to sleep at night.


Jabbertrack said...

are these college students? I assume over 21 because of the drinking?

I'm not sure what your arrangemnt is for their safe-keeping but quite possibly he is just a private person. Is this a thing through church where you are charged with overseeing their moral character?

Jabbertrack said...

ahhh, 24 and 30

thanks to the well-documented saga!

so it would seem there is some kind of agreement with the church you all have?

Raging Wombat said...

The student exchange has been set up though UC Davis, and has nothing to do with church.

The only conduct the contract requires is that the students follow a basic set of rules that take into consideration the American culture. Also, the families can set down some reasonable rules as they see fit.

In our case, our students can drink and carouse all they want, just not in our home. What they do outside of our walls is their business. If they have been drinking, though, they are to go straight to their rooms. It hasn't been a problem.