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Monday, January 09, 2006

Two More Children

Everything went very smoothly with picking up the two new additions to our household and bringing them home. Ryo and Yuki are both very nice and respectful. We don't have any complaints. Well, almost.

It is hard to add two adults to an already full house. Take yesterday. They came to church with us, which was nice. Several ward members had served or worked in Japan, and so were able to talk to them in their native tongue. It was a great experience for them. But, when we came home, everything went to pot.

Annie stays after at church because she is the choir director. This means that I take all the girls home - and now, two Japanese students - all by myself. It was like having five kids. Kate, Genna, and Julia were doing a combination of running wild and crying. The students had forgotten where everything in the kitchen was, so I had to direct them on where to find the ingredients and equipment to make their oh-so-appetizing ramen noodle / egg / hotdog stew. When Annie finally came home, I had reached the boiling point. She took over management of Julia, and things got a lot better.

In many ways, the students are like additional children. Upside: they can feed themselves and they come potty trained. Downside: they eat a lot more and we have to transport them to more places.

It was even tempting to go tuck them in at night, just like how we do it with the girls.

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