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Monday, January 23, 2006

Going to the Library

The third week with our students has begun. And so have the lies.

Things have actually been great with them. Both Ryo and Yuki are very friendly, and help out quite a bit. The kitchen is always clean, and they don't hang out in our front room all of the time. They are great with the girls, and perhaps even too tolerant. For instance, yesterday Genna spent a good 10 minutes throwing hard plastic balls at Ryo, laughing the whole time. All Ryo did was sit on the floor and say 'no.' It didn't stop her.

However, there has been an interesting development with Yuki. He has been getting home pretty late at night, and has been off on his own during the weekends. This is a wonderful thing, and I have no complaints. The problem, if you care to call it that, comes in when he tells us where he is going.

On Friday night he didn't get in til almost midnight. The next day Annie asked him where he
was. He said, "Ah, I was eating sushi. I went to the library, too." Annie and I looked at each other - no, don't think so. He then told us that he would be out late and wouldn't need dinner because he was going to the library. He left at 10 am. Hmmm. 12 hours at the library?

Annie, being the sneaky investigator she is, had a conversation with Ryo a bit later. She told him how Yuki was out late, and how he said that he was eating sushi and at the library. Ryo looked at her with a surprised look on his face, and asked, "Really?" He started cracking up. She then told him how he said he would be at the library all day on Saturday. He said, "Really?" and began laughing again. He knows full well that Yuki isn't being forthright with us.

Then yesterday, Yuki walked up to me in the morning and said, "Justin, I do not want to go to church. I will go to the library." I looked over to Annie and we began laughing.

Who does he think he is fooling? How can he think we'll believe that he is spending every free moment at the UCD Library? More importantly, though, why does he feel compelled to lie to us? He is older than me! What he does outside of my house is none of my business - he is under no obligation to keep me informed. I feel like I have a teenager in my home - maybe I should start staying up late waiting for him, then give him a scolding for making me worry.

Do you see a pattern here? Ryo has gone to church with us every Sunday now. Yuki, however, went home early from church last week, and didn't even come this week. See? First the lies, and then avoiding church? I may have to ground him.

Yesterday, after Yuki departed for the 'library,' I got the girls into their high chairs for breakfast. Kate asked, "Is Yuki at the library?" I shook my head sadly and said to myself, No, Kate, he is not.


stina said...

What a wacko! That is hilarious. And I seriously doubt he's doing anything sketchy that would necessitate a cover-up. Maybe he thinks hanging out at Starbucks is questionable in the LDS community... Let's hope you won't be held responsible for your "teens'" actions, because you never know.

Library reader said...

That reminds me, tell Ryo he left his thong at the "Library" and I um...somehow...have it. Anyway he can have it back.

Raging Wombat said...

I agree - he probably isn't doing anything illegal or morally reprehensible.
Though, with the whole Starbucks thing - he did list 'coffee' as one of his hobbies. Maybe there is more to that than meets the eye. Thanks Kristina.

Raging Wombat said...

Wait, library reader, are you telling me that not only is Yuki being sneaky, but Ryo is also up to no good? How did we sign on with two naughty Japanese students?!
I will be sure to let him know that you have his thong. How do you say 'thong' in Japanese?

Japanese Guy said...

I belive thong is "Thong-aru" in Japanese.