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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Difficulties with the Language

No, this isn't about our Japanese students. This post is about my daughters.

Both love to sing, but rare is the song for which they actually understand all of the words. They, especially Kate, really love Christmas songs, and still sing them.

Here are some exerpts from Kate's repertoir. Bear in mind, she doesn't just sing, she belts it:

"Frosty the snowman! Was a jolly on his way!"

also ...

"Joy to the world, the Lord er time. The Lord, The Lord, THE LORD!"

And then Annie reported this conversation she had with the girls yesterday. Annie was sitting on the couch when Genna walked up to her (the twins are only 2 and a half years old):

Genna: "Mommy, I want to get married."
Annie: "What?"
Genna: "I want to get married."
Annie: "You want to get married?"
Genna: "Ya."
Annie: "OK. But you aren't old enough for that. You are too young."
Kate: (who has been listening from across the room) "I not too OLD!"

We can only imagine that they have caught on to the whole marriage thing from seeing Annie and I's weddings photos, and also from the fact that pretty much every Disney princess movie ends with a happily married heroine.

Gotta love their imperfect, but very cute, lack of mastery of the English language.


stina said...

Ooh-Justin can I share one? "I am a Child of God. And he has sent me a present." However, since she's discovered that changing the words gets big laughs, things have gotten a little out of control.

Raging Wombat said...

Now that is a good twist on the words.

Don't you love it when your kid gets too clever? Luckily, Kate hasn't picked up on the fact that we are enjoying her singing so much because she sings it wrong. Once she does, though, all bets are off.