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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Our Accommodations

I thought it would be nice to let you all know what we have sacrificed as a family to accommodate our new Japanese guests.

Adding two new adults to our house has resulted in less privacy for Annie and I. So, my sister gave us her little TV, we went to Walmart to buy a super cheap, uber-sale DVD/VCR player, and set up a little entertainment system in our bedroom.

Yep, that is the Wedding Singer. Also, do you see the rabbit ears? Oh yes - high tech. We get 4 channels! But, hey, now we can watch our recorded shows with some modicum of privacy.

Yuki, when he is not at the library, is sleeping in what used to be our playroom / Julia's bedroom. This means that all of the toys have been displaced to our garage and the front room. Julia's crib was moved to the twins' bedroom, making for a tight fit. How many small bedroom do you know that have three cribs in them? I felt like I was playing Tetris as I tried to make them all fit.

You will notice that we have a Tinkerbell rug and a Tinkerbell poster in there. What you can't see is the motorized Tinkerbell we have suspended from the ceiling that flaps her wings and flies in a circle when you flip her switch. Yes, our girls like Tinkerbell.

In fact, we have enrolled them in fairy-in-training courses. They passed the Tantrum Throwing and How to Be Jealous modules without a problem. Also, we have found that if we don't bathe them for several weeks, that they get so dirty that when we swat them, little clouds of dust fill the air. So far we have yet to determine the magical qualities of this dust. I don't think we'll be able to complete the next module, though. It requires that we have fairy wings grafted to their backs, and that procedure is very expensive and still experimental. I hate to break their little hearts.

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