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Saturday, October 14, 2006


The other day I got a call from Annie. She was squealing with delight. No, she hadn't won the lottery, and she hadn't found a 75% off sale at Old Navy. Instead, she informed me that she had just seen Dr. Phil, live and in person at the Downtown Plaza! Joy! Jubilee!

I'll admit to not understanding her excitement, but I wasn't about to question it.

Dr. Phil's staff were handing out Dr. Phil masks-on-a-stick and Dr. Phil water bottles to the whole audience.

Annie kept both of hers, and I imagine they will end up in an air-tight shadow box and on our wall before too long.

In this second pose I asked Annie to look at Dr. Phil's face and express to me exactly what she felt about him. I think the look of utter adoration on her face says it all.


Chelsa said...

That first picture is on par, disturbingness-wise, with the time you and Annie showed up unannounced at our house dressed up as each other for Halloween.

Ian said...

Ditto...when I arrived at your blog today and scanned that picture, my brain did a few backflips. Very wierd image.

Uncle Chrissy said...

That was a great costume idea! (And yes, a bit creepy.) Almost as good as when Steve dressed up like a butch lesbo and shaved his sideburns off and wore a tank top flannel shirt. That was classic.

Raging Wombat said...

That was the most disturbing ever. Thanks for the memories, Chrissy.