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Monday, October 02, 2006

Julia Looking In, Part II

Julia, as the youngest, is often found on the outside of some activities that her sisters can participate in. She finds herself outside the gates, able only to watch what her sisters are able to enjoy. She was very sad to find out that the Zoo is rife with gates, corrals, and fences. Though these barricades applied to mommy, daddy, and her sisters every bit as much as to herself, that distinction did little to assuage her feeling of being left out.

Here she stands outside the fence that keeps small kids from the dangers of a duck pond. Not only is the water a drowning hazard (and an insurance/PR liability for the Zoo), but she must also be kept from the enormous and ill-tempered geese that cruise its waters. Her pensive expression belies a melancholy that only a good tractor ride can fix.

I was happy to have this particular iron fence in place. Though Julia was eager to climb over it and join the kitty cats inside for some quality play time, I prefered keeping her away from the pride of lions that would have enjoyed having a small child to play with.

Dear Julia, not all fences are simply there to keep you from the fun. Often they are there to keep the danger from you.


Chelsa said...

The longer I know Julia, the more I marvel at how similar her list of grievences is to Max's. He has still not reconciled himself to the unfairness of the baby gate in the kitchen, and rattles it forelorenly several times a day.

Raging Wombat said...

Yes, Julia and Max have much in common - such as having parents who are prone to setting up an arranged marriage.