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Monday, October 16, 2006

Kate of the Many Faces, Part 1

All familiar with Kate know her to be an exceptionally expressive girl. She has the makings of a silver screen star in her.

Unlike her twin, when the camera comes out, so does her inner actress.

In this first photo I asked her to pose like Gaston (q.v. Beauty and the Beast). "Give me Gaston, love, give me Gaston!" Her response was to make a scared/sad face. Very appropriate. She is like puddy in my hands. Easily molded and shaped - ideal for a budding starlet.

In this next pose I asked her to be a ... can you guess it? Those who answer correctly get a cookie. That's right, I said, "Now give me princess, PRINCESS!" That was a pose she was able to assume with no hesitation.


Chelsa said...

I could never picture Gaston in fuzzy pink pajamas before, and now I will always be able to. Thanks, Kate!

Raging Wombat said...

She aims to please!