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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Essential Personalities

I thought these two photos (taken in front of that same fire engine) displayed the essential personality of our twins. Mind you, I know full well that they are only three years old and that they've got plenty o' growin' to do. But that's too complicated. It's much more fun to project their current selves into the future and see what they might become.

First we have Kate. She is always willing and able to smile for the camera. In fact, she seeks it out. When I pull the camera out, she demands that photos be taken of her, and then she is eager to see the result in the LCD. She loves attention, crowds (if they are watching her), and performing. She was made for the stage.

Then we have Genna. She won't smile for the camera unless I offer her Princess snacks or some other sweet. It's a good day when I can even get her to acknowledge the camera's presence. But when she does, it is worth it. Check out her sassy stance and enigmatic expression. Her eyes and smile hint at mysteries and deep understandings - or plans to torture her little sister. What that might become as she enters adulthood, I don't know. Something very good or something very bad.

Both of them know how to pose, when properly inspired, and this may lead them down the path towards modeling (my unbiased opinion is that they have the looks for it). I contacted Tyra Banks to get Genna and Kate on next year's America's Next Top Model. Her staff began some spiel about 'age of majority' and 'child protective services' and 'I hope you have legal counsel.' Whatever, Tyra, just get my girls on that show of yours.


Chelsa said...

Genna does look sly like a fox in her picture. The girls are most certainly beautiful enough for modelling, but I feel like their inherent ability to emote can serve them best if they become a duo of international spies. Kate can disarm the enemy with her winning smile and charm, and then Genna can grin enigmatically and go in for the eye poke. Our country's security requires their unique combination of skills!

Raging Wombat said...

International spies! I like that a lot more than modeling. That will bring into play far more of their skills and talents. Eye poking and smiles are in high demand.

Chelsa said...

plus I think spies get pretty decent dental insurance coverage. I bet you Tyra offers very poor insurance options.

Raging Wombat said...

No doubt. Have you seen Tyra's teeth? Is she British?