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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kate of the Many Faces, Part II

During dinner the other night I tried to get a picture of the Mrs. Potato Head earrings that Genna was wearing. She wouldn't oblige me with a good shot (as always), but Kate stepped up to the plate.

Naturally, she defaulted to her favorite - the famous Princess Pose (patent pending). She's going to make a career out of it, I'm sure.

Brace yourself, because I am going to demonstrate how feminized I have become - but isn't that such a cute outfit she's wearing? The tee over a long-sleeved white shirt is a good look. Also, the wavy hair (thanks to her braids from earlier in the day) are adorable. (Now placing my Mask of Masculinity back on).

For this second shot I asked her to be the Beast. Here's her take of what he looks like. Yep, tremendously scary.


Kelly said...

So get this Justin, I'm sitting up late, about quarter to 1, at Dad's request because he wants to celibrate his first night in 25 years of unemployment and he's asleep. He wanted to stay awake until 4am and here it is not even 1 and I'm surfing the internet for fun all by my self. Fortunately I have my engaging baby nieces and my witty older brother to fall back on. ;-) Look for more comments on Ugly Overload.

Raging Wombat said...

I'm glad I can keep you entertained. So much for dad getting a good night's rest - isn't he sick?