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Monday, October 30, 2006

New Bathroom Features

I came home the other day to find that our family bathroom had undergone a complete redecorating. Our girls have been potty-trained for almost a year now, but I guess it was time to make the bathroom truly child-friendly. Very different from the days when we tried to make it child-proof.

The bathroom now features a permanent Dora toilet seat, a step stool to access said seat, and a side-of-tub mounted, easy-access toilet paper dispenser. To encourage proper hygiene, Annie purchased a step stool (it doubles as TP storage) to access the sink, which is now equipped with an easy-to-use pump action soap dispenser.

It is so nice! When we hear the call of "I need to go potty!" from one of our girls, we simply lift them over the Julia-gate and let them do the rest.

Below is a photo of the bathroom in action. Kate has just flushed her unmentionables, and Genna is demonstrating proper hand-washing technique. Our girls are all growed-up.


Chelsa said...

Ian's dad always says that his finest moment as a parent was the first night he awoke to hear the toilet flush, and he didn't have anything at all to do with any part of the process. He still gets tears in his eyes when he speaks of it.

Raging Wombat said...

It is a milestone, that's for sure. I just wish my bathroom were more man-friendly (Annie has it equipped for her own needs).

Ian said...

I don't know, the pink stepping stool is pretty manly.

Raging Wombat said...

It is manly in terms of functionality, but not color. Oh my the color. The sad thing is that I think it is cute. Help me.