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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Winter Solstice

Today, thanks to the tilt in the Earth's axis, all of us Northern Hemisphere folks are going to be experiencing the longest night and shortest day of the year.
Today is a very important day for me. I am going to attempt to celebrate the solstice old-school, multi-cultural style. Here are some of the activities I have planned for tonight:

1) I am going to celebrate the death, burial, and rebirth of the Egyptian god, Osiris, by emerging from a makeshift tomb with my baby daughter, Julia, at the stroke of midnight.
2) I will have all of the womenfolk from my family come over and rend to pieces an effigy of the Greek God, Dionysus. Don't ask - it is very complicated.
3) I am going to serve a birthday cake for the god Mithra.
4) I will construct an ancient birch grove in my back yard, for my Druid friends.
5) I will have all of my family gather round a low, small table to tell stories and tales, in honor of Zoroaster.
6) I will craft prayersticks and perform purification rituals, for my Hopi folk.

That's about it. It's ambitious, but I want to make it happen. Also, I think something important is happening this Sunday, but I need to check my calendar.

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