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Monday, December 12, 2005

Shoes Laces

One of the best parts about being a dad is stumbling across your kids' handiwork after they have gone to bed, and being reminded of how cute they are. As I have illustrated previously, Genna is very into strings and ribbons. She has always been fascinated by them. So last night, when I went to put my shoes away, and was confronted with this image, you can guess who came to mind.

I would love to know what was going through her head. What game was she playing, what world had she created, that led her to stuff her favorite laces into my shoes? Isn't that one of the cutest things ever?

It reminded me of earlier in the day when Kate and Genna were playing in our bedroom. Our closet doors are full length mirrors, so the girls prefer playing in front of them than in their play room. Genna was sitting on the floor, playing with her blue lace, singing "A dream is a wish your heart makes ...", when Kate came bursting into the room and said, "I see the Beast!"
She stared at herself for several seconds in the mirror, then turned to Genna and said," Uh-oh, I'm gonna go get Belle! Come on, Genna!" Then she bolted from the room.
Genna scrambled to her feet, and shouted, "No! Wait! It's Cinderella!" and chased after her twin. They went back and forth, each one trying to convince her sister to join her own Disney fantasy land - Beauty and the Beast vs. Cinderella. In the end they went their separate ways.
I watched them the whole time, just wishing that I could be inside their heads to see what kind of world they were in. Their imagination and their games are so fun to watch. Then I thought, Hey, Disney should be paying me for all of this! My daughters have become walking billboards for Disney, and I haven't seen one dime! Oh well. At least the laces Genna stuffed in my shoes weren't Disney laces.

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