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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Mess Is Worth It.

Yesterday, in the span of 10 hours, the following happened:

1) Genna woke up covered in her own vomit. Required much cleaning.
2) Kate woke up covered in her own blood from a bloody nose. Required much cleaning.
3) Julia woke up, having peed through every layer of clothing. Required much cleaning.

Yah, parenting has it's downside. It is often gross and always time consuming. But then later in the day:

1) I come home and Julia looks over at me and gives a huge smile. Okay, Julia, your smile owns me. Feel free to pee through your pajamas every night.
2) After dinner, Kate says, "Genna, I love you so much. I'm going to work." She walks over to the front door and turns the knob. She then walks back into the kitchen, and says, "Hi Genna, I'm home." Okay, Kate, that may be the cutest thing ever. You're worth it.
3) Just before bedtime, Genna climbs into my lap and lays back to rest her head against my chest. She wants me to read Dr. Seuss's "Put Me iIn the Zoo." Okay, Genna, you can upchuck whenever you want. I'll clean it up.

It is amazing how quickly your kids can redeem themselves. I am afraid that my daughters are slowly but surely getting me wrapped around their little fingers. But then, they are still little. This post might be different if they were teenagers.

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