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Monday, December 05, 2005

Monster In-Blah

On Saturday night my wife subjected me to one of the worst movies ever. Monster In-Law, starring J-Lo, Jane Fonda, and Michael Vartan. Thankfully, we rented it for free from Hollywood Video with a rain check. That was one of the only redeeming qualities of one and half hours of my life that I will never have back.
When the movie began, showing a lovelorn Jennifer Lopez getting love advice from the obligatory misfit girlfriend and sassy gay guy friend, I knew it was going to be awful. In my defense, I fought seeing with all of my might. But the wife won out - she is stronger than me. I can't count how many times we looked at one another, our mouths gaping from shock at how awesomely awful the movie was. It used every cliche and device known to romantic comedies. It was utterly predictable and completely vapid - that's right, vacuous, noxious, deplorable & a lot of other fancy words that mean 'lame.'
Though I abominate Jane Fonda, I actually like Jennifer Lopez and Vartan (from Alias). That increased my loathing of this movie - that these two would produce such a blight.
The only other good part about watching it: I have the privilege of picking out the next movie we watch. Annie's credibility when it comes to movie-picking taste has been now called into question.


Ian said...

I can't belive you watched that movie. It was really supposed to suck I know for sure. My wife picked the movie last night...but Chelsa picked "Shaun of the Dead" for the millionth time. Thats the Tillman household style "Chick Flick".

Raging Wombat said...

I can't believe I watched it either. "Shaun of t he Dead" sounds like a very Chelsa-ish movie.
My wife's chick flicks run the usual gambit. But, she does humor me when it comes to historical movies. In fact, she really enjoys them.

Andrea Lindsay said...

You are so busted! What the heck are you talking about that I picked out the movie!!!!! Your mom said it was hecka funny, so we went to get it, but they didn't have it, so we got a free voucher! AND I decided to rent a movie, and since it was free.....get it? In FACT, it was YOU that called YOUR MOTHER to tell her how awful it was and that you question HER taste in movies! Now we go back to that whole comedian analogy that I told you that night. It's making sense NOW, isn't it?!!! Love, Your Lovely Wife with EXCELLENT taste in movies! P.S I get to choose the next one!

Raging Wombat said...

Oops, my wife read my blog. Busted.

Anonymous said...

You are right - Monster-in-Law is one of the worst movies in history. I can't recall laughing once. Everything was forced and contrived, and nothing was executed remotely competently.

Raging Wombat said...

Thank you! See, no one liked it, in the final analysis. Why do these movies even get made? Who are the test audiences? Those who actually give these films a thumbs up should be rounded up and tested ... for something.