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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Unexpected Reactions

Our daughters received cabbage patch kids for Christmas. Annie and I assumed they would be a big hit with the girls - but we were sorely mistaken.

When the girls first saw the dolls, they weren't terribly interested due to all of the other gifts they were receiving - despite my dad's attempt to scare my daughters with them. So, Annie and I decided to reintroduce the dolls the next day when it was quiet. We eagerly awaited their reactions.

Genna saw hers, backed away in fright, saying "No, no, no!" What? She has always loved babies! That didn't go as planned. We hid her doll from sight.

Kate saw hers and took it right away. She said, "Oh, baby's crying. Need a bottle." Wow, that was cute. We were so happy to see her maternal side come out. Annie got up to go get the bottle that the cabbage patch kid came with. I stayed to watch, and what I saw was horrifying. Kate brought the doll to her face and began making a loud crying noise at it. It wasn't pleasant. She then threw the doll to the ground. Then she walked over to the doll and kicked it. OK. That was disturbing. My first thought was that she was taking out her suppressed aggression towards her baby sister - for taking so much of mommy's time - on the doll. Who knows.

Perhaps my girls need so psychotherapy. Regardless, we are going to wait a while longer before busting out the cabbage patch kids.


Ian said...

Transformers. Study after study deliver the conclusive fact:Kids NEED Optimus Prime. I will search E-Bay.

Cinder6 said...

Excellent. My plans continue to move forward...

Jabbertrack said...

or maybe she's just not into dolls, I know I wasn't

Raging Wombat said...

I hadn't considered that they aren't into dolls. I assumed that maybe they didn't like cabbage patches. Thanks for the idea.