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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kate, Not Always the Angel

We've already established that Genna is a 'spirited' child, and I've mentioned that Kate was identified as a cross between 'angel' and 'textbook.' But in fairness to Genna, her twin isn't perfect. Far from it, in fact, as you will soon find out.
We have been working on potty training the twins for a couple of weeks now. Kate has been doing best at it, though she has had a few ... incidents. The most recent one happened on Thanksgiving. On me.
We were over at the Walkers' house and I was holding Kate in my lap on the sofa. We were having a wonderful father-daughter bonding moment. We were discussing the responsibilities and ramifications of being a princess, when she looked at me and said, "Daddy, I need to go potty." I smiled, pleased that she alerted me.
"OK, Kate. Let's take you to -" Mid-sentence, I felt hot wetness on my lap. I jumped up, holding Kate out at a distance, and ran us both to the bathroom.

The photo above shows me standing by the bathroom, complete with Kate-pee-stained shirt. My pleasant smile conceals a seething rage. See Kate standing there, looking at her handy work?

In this photo I am giving Kate a blistering tongue-lashing. I am informing her that under no circumstances is it appropriate for a child to urinate on her father. See how she is standing with her feet spread? Her pee-soaked pants can't be too comfortable. Her expression is part chagrined smile, and part attempt at puppy-eyes to forestall my wrath.

I had to change my shirt, of course. There were few options left open to me, since we were at my inlaws. I went ahead and put on my mother-in-law's blouse. I felt that the floral pattern and pink leaves really complimented my skin.

We have always been good about packing a spare set of clothing for our kids - for instances just like this. I think from here on I will do the same for myself.

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