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Monday, December 19, 2005

It's Kate's Turn to Spill

Genna ended up spending the whole weekend with her horse hitched to the up-chuck wagon. As of this morning, she is still asking for the bowl, though her heaving is unproductive. That is one nice thing - she has learned to ask for the bowl. Aside from the two thorough blow outs in her crib, every other ... event has been contained to the bowl.
All of this has been very confusing for poor Kate. She has had to watch Genna get held all weekend, which, sadly, meant less time for her. Of course, my girl is one smart cookie. On Saturday she became very interested in Genna's bowl-oriented activities. At one point, while Genna was leaning over the bowl, Kate came over and asked, "Genna, are you alright? Genna, are you sick?" She then said, "It's Kate's turn to spill."
There are two cute things in that. 1) she calls vomiting 'spilling' - that is a much more clean word. 2) she has figured out that if you are sick, you get more attention.
Ever since then, she has been saying that she is sick, too, and that she needs the bowl. Poor thing! She has always been more demanding of attention. Genna being sick has been doubly hard on her. Mom and dad are preoccupied, and her favorite playpal is out of commission.
Genna did show some signs of recovery yesterday, though. After she woke up from her afternoon nap - 4 hours long! - she livened up. Kate was thrilled. Annie called over to have me listen, and sure enough, Kate was saying, "Come on, Genna!" The playing was on. This was soon followed by a fight over possession of a Tinkerbell figurine. You know you're kids are getting better when they start fighting.
So far, no one has joined Genna's vomit-fest. Kate and Julia's colds should clear up soon. Things are looking good for a sick-free Christmas.

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